I am Benjamin



I made the trek to Appalachia from my hometown of Orlando in 2014, primarily writing and performing under the title ‘The New Apologetic’.

The New Apologetic was birthed much from the transitional season I found myself in 5 years ago; geographically, relationally, and spiritually. As my life changed and I grew up a bit, I felt it was important to go by my given name on stage. The primary ethos behind what I make is to promote authenticity; it didn’t feel right to hide behind a stage name anymore.

I put out my record Old Adage in September of 2018, under my own name for the first time, and my sets nowadays are based firmly on that sound. Simple, straightforward, and minimal instrumentation is used intentionally to lay bare the lyrics that my songs are built upon.

I do my best to approach songwriting as one who has encountered both the spiritual and the beautiful of the world, as well as the brokenness and chaos those beauties are birthed within. For anyone who wrestles amidst that tension, I hope my lyrics will find them as a friend.

Much love to whoever gives my music their ears, and all of the thanks to anyone who has come out to a show or bought a record.



June 28th Phoenix Pharmacy Knoxville, TN

June 29th King Parrot Knoxville, TN

August 11th Lil Indies Orlando, FL

August 28th King Parrot Knoxville, TN