I am Benjamin



Benjamin Donaldson made the trek to the Tennessean mountains from his hometown of Orlando in 2014. Primarily writing and performing under the title ‘The New Apologetic’ as well as other full band projects, Benjamin carved a name for himself in the Knoxville music scene with integrity and grit; girding him the respect and friendship of countless other creatives and listeners. 

The New Apologetic was birthed much from the transitional season Benjamin found himself in four years ago; geographically, relationally, and spiritually. No longer searching for the roots he so desperately desired, Benjamin discovered a home inside Scruffy City, and a home within himself. Shedding the former title was not for the sake of clarity; it was a symbolic gesture paralleling life events to the path he’s foregone with his music as well: A journey of pain, loss, sincerity, and authentic acceptance of the human condition.

Benjamin’s sound has grown with the furthering of his life’s narrative; similar to the likes of Noah Gundersen or David Bazan’s musical journeys. Being shaped by these along with Julien Baker, Pianos Become the Teeth, and Anthony Green; his upcoming record will no doubt stir longing in listener’s hearts towards facing the paradoxical nature of what it means to be alive. 

Benjamin approaches songwriting as one who has encountered both the spiritual and the beautiful of the world, as well as the brokenness and chaos. For anyone who wrestles within that tension, Benjamin’s lyrics will find them as a friend. After finishing recording at SoKnox Studios over the summer, the album is set for release September of 2018.